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Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same (Luke 3:11).

Who does not wish for a carefree life? A survey revealed that those who do not need to worry about food, clothing, housing and health are rich. Especially well of are those who have a steady income, possess property and are well-cared for medically. There are countries where many people are missing everything! Like in Serbia, for example. There recently a seventy-year-old couple was starving. They owed the baker 33 euro. Had you known about this couple, you would have helped, right? As a Christian-humanitarian aid organization, we bring your help directly to needy people: with sponsorships, self-help projects and individual emergency aid. But we can only help when we work together. Can we count on you?

Share your food with the hungry, invite the homeless into your home, dress the naked and help the sick ones, be there for your family and your neighbors. If you do so, you will spread a light. Your life will change completely. When you pray, God will answer you. When you call for help, He will say, ``Here I am!`` (God)

When the war broke out in Yugoslavia in 1992, some Christians in Ulm were thinking about how to help people there. In 1993, they began to send first aid transports to the Balkans. Under extremely difficult conditions aid was brought to Bosnia during the course of the war. This was initially done in collaboration with other relief and missionary organizations. Hundreds of transports with clothing, food, hygiene articles and medicines have gone to Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Romania and Armenia.

The distribution of relief supplies has always been carried out in cooperation with local Christian communities. Parallel to aid transports, the Gospel was also spread in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. This was done mainly through literary and radio work.

In the autumn of 2000, the group of volunteers had grown to 40 persons and founded their own missionary and charitable organization based in Ulm, under the name “Brot des Lebens e. V.”(Bread of Life). This name is to express that we want to bring people bread to eat and the bread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). We would like to underline the previous statement which Jesus Christ himself has made, with every relief operation and every project.

Items which we gladly accept:

// groceries, new clothes, new shoes, linen, blankets
// new and also clean used Children’s toys (plush toys, dolls, cars etc.)
// material for school, laptops, musical instruments
// cars, trailers, motorcycles,(with or without TÜV, please contact us))
// intact bicycles, tools (drilling mashine, gripper etc.)

Besides these we also collect:

// coins: DM and also foreign money, stamps, stamp albums
// silver cutlery, dental gold
// used books and used cell phones

The proceeds will be used for the poor.

Items for which we have no use:

// furniture, mattresses, feather beds, electric appliances, hangers
// carpets, heating blankets
// children’s carriages, children’s car seats, bicycle helmets
// audio and video cassettes
// plastic toys, big & bulky toys such as tractors and similar.

We would like to provide poor people in the East with goods in good condition.

Thank you!


We have mission stations in Brcko and Tuzla. Ten volunteers and pastors look after poor families, refugees and sponsored children. They also distribute our relief supplies to the needy. Whoever is interested in it, will receive from us New Testaments, Bibles for children, tapes and Christian calendars.


The area in which we work is Eastern Slavonia with the cities of Vukovar, Borovo, Beli Manastir and Osijek. There is a lot of poverty especially in the Vukovar region due to high unemployment. We help again and again with relief goods such as clothes, shoes, bicycles, but also with food. Our special focus is on Roma families supported by the Christian community in Vukovar. We support a Bible school in Osijek.


Since the Roma families are especially underprivileged in Serbia, we support them through various Christian churches in Belgrade, Wojwodina (Northern Serbia) and Leskovac. Here is the largest Roma community of Serbia, which has over 1500 members. Many Romas are unemployed and have to live in slum areas. We help with basic food (flour, oil, sugar …) and offer sponsorship for Roma children. PC courses and much more are designed to help children get off the street and give them a chance for a better future. See also our child sponsorships.
We have a special senior work in Belgrade. In the church, people can watch good films, participate in PC classes and experience fellowship. See also senior citizenships.


Here we help poor families and carry out regular transports with clothing, shoes and hygiene articles. There is also the possibility to sponsor a child in the city and the surroundings of Brasov. We also take care of the people in the psychiatric hospital in Wolkendorf.


In Armenia, there are more than 100 children who receive monthly support through Brot des Lebens. In addition to this 300 families receive a food package each month. Most of these people, whom we help, live in a tin cottage settlement in the city of Vanadzor.

How to help:

We gladly accept groceries, new clothes and new shoes, used but washed dolls, plush toys and toy cars for children. Please deliver these goods and the bicycles to our new storage: Bernstadt, Vor dem Berg 4. Our storage worker will be there on Tu., Th. And Fri. from 9:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M. Please do not leave anything in front of the door.

We look for:

// Bicycles in good condition and Laptops for Romania and Bosnia.
// Used cars, trailers and motorcycles
// A fire engine for Bosnia.

Aufgrund verschärfter Einfuhrbeschränkungen für Kleidungsstücke gibt es für die Entgegennahme von Hilfsgütern eine neue Regelung:

Brot des Lebens kann leider nur noch Kleider, Schuhe, Bettwäsche, Nähmaschinen, Plüschtiere und Fahrräder annehmen, die man zum Lager in 89182 Bernstadt, Vor dem Berg 4 bringt. Leider können wir keine Kleider mehr abholen!

Unser Lagerarbeiter ist von Dienstag und Donnerstag von 8 – 16 Uhr an seinem Platz. Bitte keine Kleider vor der Tür abstellen.

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What happens with your donations

With your donation you support either project-related or in general the projects stated on the home page of Brot des Lebens e.V.

Your sponsorship contribution goes 100% to your sponsored child.

From all other donations less than 20% are used for administration. This includes our wages, transportation costs (at home and abroad) and costs for printing, postage and also office supplies.

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