Hans Otto Kasper

Employee in Romania

To love people, to help them, materially and spiritually, is the best and most beautiful thing for me. I am enthusiastic about it because I also get a lot of love back. As a youth, I sought the true meaning of life and finally found it with God. Since then, I have been living not for myself, but for my Jesus. Since I have found him, he shows me what it means to love God more than everything and live according to his commandments. It is wonderful for me that I am his child and he has written his commandments in my heart: "Love your neighbor as thyself, do good to all, bear the burdens of others with joy, strive for love, for there is no fear ...!" For me these are more than mere words, that is life and joy pure. Every day, I learn to know and love God better. I am enthusiastic about my work with bread of life, because this "loving" completely fills me. I am not interested in anything else. My only pleasure is to do God's will. Bread of Life is a foundation founded by God and representing the interests of God.

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