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Winter help for Greta – wood and blankets for families

Armenia. Day after day, Greta waits for her husband to send money from Russia. She begs her landlord to postpone the rent payment. But her husband does not make money, and so the patience of her landlord is at an end, and Greta is near to despair. The day comes when she stands with her four children in the street. Someone tells her that a living container has been vacated in the Tincar village on the outskirts of Vanadzor. In order to have at least one roof over her head, she goes there with her children. The container has only a small tin stove, which must be fired with wood, so that it can boil and its children have it warm. If the fire goes out, it quickly becomes very cold in the small hut. Greta and her children try to gather some wood in the forest, but it is far too little to keep their dwelling warm all day. Greta saves food from her mouth and tries to be strong for her children. At night she squeezes her children, trying to keep each other warm. For hours she is awake, she can not sleep from cold and sorrow. How should we go on?
All this was four years ago. When Greta Aslikian entered the “Karadok”, the village, she asked for a food package. Her husband, Artur, returned to his family shortly afterwards with empty hands from Russia. Nobody had given the artisan work and wages. In the summer he can sometimes work on a construction site, but in winter there is no work. Our colleague, Karina Katchatrian, invited Greta to the Women’s Bible Circle. “Greta did not believe in God. She was completely desperate. Thanks to the donors in Germany, we were able to give Greta a food package every month. Now she has at least every month noodles, rice, oil, sugar and detergents for her children. This winter it is very cold again almost every year. We had nights with 25 degrees minus – the cold for the people in the container village is bad. Many have become ill. We have spent over 100 families of wood and blankets for families. The Aslikian family saved our lives. ”

Greta sits with some other women in the “church container” as they call him and together they sing to God. He has become the only hope for many here. They had to experience that people can not help. Greta was invited to the church by Karina Katchatrian. She is not missing a Sunday. She has begun to pray and experience how God listens to her prayers. That she is supported by bread of life, she sees as help from God.
Her 8-year-old Wresch Aslikian was able to convey bread of life as a godfather. For food, wood and ceilings, Greta and Artur Aslikian heartfelt thanks to our donors: “We were in the end and now we are full of hope that everything will be fine. God bless you – thank you! ”