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Sponsors wanted

Helping people to be on their own feet sooner rather than later, that is the motto of Brot des Lebens.
Sometimes, however, this assistance may be necessary for many years. Then children or families, who are in extreme need, must be accompanied. Sponsorships are such companions.
For the Romanian family Marcu in Bran we are urgently looking for godparents.
On 12 December 2015 Vasile and his wife Alexandra painted the walls in their house. The two together have six children: Cristian, Maria, Sabina, David and Paul attend the school and their youngest daughter Debora goes to kindergarten. In order to bring the house to Vordermann shortly before Christmas, all of them helped diligently. In the whole family there was anticipation, which turned with a single time: That evening father Vasile died suddenly suddenly after the strokes, at a heart stroke. When we heard about the disaster, we visited the family. Mother Alexandra is with the nerves at the end. Again and again she cries, during our conversation. She is worried because she does not know how to fight the next days and weeks. Because their children are still small, they are needed at home and can not go to work. Their only income is the child allowance, which is not enough. She hopes to receive retirement from the deceased father of her children. But this is still far too little. If she does not receive any help, the children have to leave the school and can not take any training. Alexandra would break her heart. We would like to support this family. Our Romanian employee writes: “It would be a heavenly help for Alexandra and her six children if we could find godparents for them.” With a sponsorship, you support this family and make a significant contribution to improving your living conditions. Alexandra would no longer be alone, through her regular support and prayers. She would be fortunate to have a sponsor family in Germany to support her. Through a sponsorship, she is provided with food, hygiene articles, school material and clothes. You can also sponsor in Armenia, Serbia or Bosnia. If you are interested, we will be happy to present your sponsored child, a family or an impoverished grandmother. You can also find more information on our homepage – it’s definitely worth it.