Your sponsorship for a single senior citizen is an important help when the forces are weakening.

When age and disease make working impossible, life becomes a survival struggle.

In the former Eastern bloc countries, most seniors receive no or only a very small pension. The money is spent on medication and rent. Not infrequently hunger or freeze old people or die from starvation.

Your sponsorship will change everything. Instead of constant concern, joy and confidence will accompany their age.

Use your sponsorship to pray for your Grandma / Grandpa and write an encouraging card from time to time.

Opas and grannies are looking for godparents

A visit to Borislav and Mirosava Vuekovic is a joyous and sad thing at the same time. Despite their poverty, the two are grateful and humble. Despite having lost everything, they are not bitter. They always have a coffee and a friendly word for a visitor.
The two are old and sick and have money troubles. They often do not know what to buy their bread with, not to mention the medicines that Mirosava needs every month.
In the summer of 1999 her life, which had been peaceful until then, radically changed. All that was needed was a combat aircraft and a bomb that burnt down their home and destroyed their lives irrevocably. For almost 60 years they had lived in Kline, their home village in the province of Kosovo. In these days, it fell prey to one of the most massive air-war operations in the military history by the US forces. From one day to the other they were refugees and had lost everything.

The two retirees have each month 7000 Dinar to live on (between 50 and 60 euro). That is just enough for a daily lunch.
In the senior meeting of “Brot des Lebens” in Belgrade Borislav meets many people who have experienced something similar as to him and his wife. But he never complains. He often visits the other seniors who are no longer able to attend these meetings. Wherever he goes he encourages to not give up hope.
He especially emphasizes this since he and his wife Mirosava have German godparents. Trough “Brot des Lebens” they now receive a sponsorship contribution each month. This means very much to the two refugees. They are now able to buy their food and pay for the necessary medicines.

Our partner organization, “Brot des Lebens – Serbia”, takes care of a number of such retired pensioners. Without help from the outside they hardly manage.
We would be very happy if we could give you a Patengrandma or -grandpa. Please contact us.
We would be pleased to present your new grandparents!