Winter help for Greta – wood and blankets for families

Armenia. Day after day, Greta waits for her husband to send money from Russia. She begs her landlord to postpone the rent payment. But her husband does not make money, and so the patience of her landlord is at an end, and Greta is near to despair. The day comes when she stands with her

Christmas packages bring joy to Bosnia

With volunteers from southern Germany, we distributed food in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 1500 poor families got food for Christmas. Christmas gifts were given to 3,000 children. Previously they had been lovingly packed in Germany by numerous small and large donors. Nearly half of these were collected in schools, kindergartens and churches in the Ulm region in November

Sponsors wanted

Helping people to be on their own feet sooner rather than later, that is the motto of Brot des Lebens. Sometimes, however, this assistance may be necessary for many years. Then children or families, who are in extreme need, must be accompanied. Sponsorships are such companions. For the Romanian family Marcu in Bran we are