Artur Nikogosian

Employee in Armenia
  • Experience:

    prison ministry

I know from my own experience that only Jesus Christ can save people. I myself was in prison, and I have been intervening, so I go to the prisons to visit the men there. An experience reminded me again: The man stood in front of me with his legs apart, his arms folded tightly in front of his chest. "God is not interested in how we live, he has never looked after me, why should I waste my thoughts on him?" When I listened to him and looked him in the eye, I recognized myself in him again. There was little light in the stuffy room through the barred cell window. God had seen me and saved me. "It may be hard for you to believe that, but I was once in the same situation as you. I've lived to the fullest, took everything I wanted, including drugs. After an overdose, I was clinically dead. In this state, I met Jesus Christ. He called me by my name and saved me. It was a miracle that I woke up again and returned to life. With God's help I became free and healthy. " During my words, the skepticism of a cautious curiosity. Questions pattered at me from his cell-mates. I suddenly became one of hers. Before I left the cell, many men asked God for forgiveness and made a new beginning.

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