Flour and Sugar

Officially, one-fifth of the 3.8 million Bosnians live in poverty, many suffer hunger. More than half of the people have no permanent paid work. The average monthly salary in the Balkans is 420 euros. Through our distribution activities in Bosnia over the years, we have been observing how much people are affected by the hopeless

Seed packets

We see how good it is for the people in Romania to be ablee able to shape their own lives: to sow, to plant and to raise their own animals. – this not only quenches their hunger but helps them also to grab their own lives. The people in the villages need that desperately! In

Emergency fund for medicines

Acute and chronic diseases are a disaster for many people in Armenia, Bosnia, Serbia and Romania. Where people are just making ends meet anyway, there is no money left for medicines. For a hospital stay or chemotherapy, sometimes whole families are faced with ruin. Again and again desperate people turn to us and ask for

Christmas drive

Drive ‘joy against suffering’ Christmas we combine with gifts and joy! This world can never get enough of it, we think from Brot des Lebens. We want to help where others suffer from wars, diseases and natural disasters. Every year, we detect people in Bosnia who have little to eat. Some families lost everything in

Food packages for Armenia

With 15 Euros you can finance a “family package against hunger” in Armenia. Since December 2021, we have been distributing 500 packages with basic food to impoverished families. The need is there so big that we receive calls nearly every day calls, in which even more people ask for food. Vanadzor is the third largest

Christmas gifts for children in Bosnia and Serbia

Opportunity for children to participate - give personally and share joy! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: our telephone hotline: +49 7348948101

Wood and warm blankets

The people who live in the rusty containers in Vanadzor / Armenia or Romas in Serbia who live in barracks are especially afraid of the wintertime. They can only heat with a small tin stove. Often they can only heat him up once a day for cooking. Wood is unaffordable for most of them ,