Christmas drive

Drive ‘joy against suffering’

Christmas we combine with gifts and joy! This world can never get enough of it, we think from Brot des Lebens. We want to help where others suffer from wars, diseases and natural disasters.

Every year, we detect people in Bosnia who have little to eat. Some families lost everything in the war, had to flee and start anew. In cooperation with the social offices and local authorities, we find out who most urgently needs help. Just before Christmas, we visit them and hand them a food package.

This action offers the opportunity to participate in a very practical way. Simply compile a food package according to the list below. Your package will be handed over by our volunteers to the people of Bosnia.

In packing please pay close attention to the following list:

product weight price €
3 kg flour type 405 3 kg 0,96
3 kg sugar 3 kg 2,07
4 l sunflower oil* 4 kg 4,76
4 x noodles “fusilli 2 kg 1,56
6 x chocolate à 100g 0,6 kg 2,94
1 x spiced biscuit 0,6 kg 0,89
1 x nut nougat cream 0,4 kg 1,25
4 x margarine à 500g** 2 kg 3,00
Contribution transport costs 5,00
Total: 15,6 kg 22,43

*please only in plastic bottles
**Margarine please in 4 corner cups

You can support the Christmas package drive by transferring 25 Euros per package. Note the keyword “Weihnachtspakete für Bosnien” (Christmas packages for Bosnia) or project number 40-3250 on your transfer. The employees of “Bread of Life” will then buy the items and pack them.

Since the food is distributed to the needy families directly by us, any abuse is excluded. A team of volunteers will stay in Bosnia for about 14 days until all family and children’s packets are distributed.

There are always unforeseeable challenges to overcome, last not least the winter road conditions. Therefore, we are grateful to all people who pray for the distribution action.

In the name of all poor families in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brot des Lebens says thank you! We wish you all the best!