Animal husbandry

With 100 Euro you can provide a family with a sheep and thereby give them a future and hope!
The sheep breeding project is designed to supply a family in Romania or Armenia with milk, yoghurt, cheese, meat and wool.

We give five sheep to a family who has a stable or can build one next to their hut and who can manage to take care of their sheep. When a young lamb is born after one year, the family is obliged to deliver this lamb to another poor family. Thus, the one who has been helped is able to help someone else and by doing this another family can enter the animal breeding project. Staff members who are experienced in animal husbandry and agriculture will accompany and advise the new farmers-to-be.

Here you can get to know a family who has got sheep from Brot des Lebens:

Our sheep project has changed everything
Transylvania. Under high pine trees, a narrow road winds into a side valley, and and in between a few little houses. Raul drives five sheep in front of him, over a bridge towards the stable.

When Father Florian Nitu goes to the stable, Raul is often not far away. While his father mucks out and provides fresh straw, Raul grazes the animals. He dreams of becoming a shepherd once. The two “men” work hand in hand and are happy. A year ago, however, it was still quite different. The family Nitu lacked any perspective.

At that time Florian Nitu was unemployed and, especially when winter was approaching, desperate. Five years ago, his factory filed for bankruptcy and the mechanic lost his job. Since then he has earned money as a day laborer in the forest, but that is hard. During the winter they scraped through and tried not to despair.

With tears, mother Nitu told us about her worries. We promised to help and looked for godparents for the family. By this we hoped to be able to supply them with food, clothing and school supplies. But this search has so far been unsuccessful.

The change for the better came for the Nitu family, when we entrusted them with five sheep in spring. Since then there has been milk for the children, as much as they like to drink, and at noon cheese for mash. But not only that has changed. Florian Nitu is now forging great plans. He wants to multiply the small herd and hopes that by this he can build up a future. Even his wife Lucia has put her heart ans soul in it – she has begun to produce cheese to sell it.

The sheep project is very successful in Romania as well as in Armenia. In Armenia, too, we were able to entrust a small flock to the first families. In the spring, the young animals are passed on to other needy families. The great advantage is that people can finally care for themselves and their children!

“You can live like that,” Lucia Nitu said happily to us. “Our two boys squatter with the sheep for hours. We have become quite different people since we got the animals.”