Fruit trees

Organic, colorful, tasty – a fruitful action
Fruit trees for Bosnia are a worthwhile investment in the future.

“We can hardly believe that you give us fruit trees!”
Every time, there was great joy when we distributed fruit trees in Bosnia.

The unemployment rate in Bosnia is the highest in the Balkans. Many young people no longer find jobs in the city and are therefore without prospects. Where people once lived from well-running industry, factories are beeing closed.
People go to the barricades: they are desperate!

After the Balkan war still lands are left desolate, since fields and orchards were devastated. We want to support young families who have decided to stay in the country and to manage their homeland. In the barren mountain region the soil is usually not very fertile, but fruit trees thrive very well on these warm slopes. A family receives from us 20 trees. Three years later, they will be able to harvest pears, apples, nuts and cherries.