Emergency fund for medicines

Acute and chronic diseases are a disaster for many people in Armenia, Bosnia, Serbia and Romania. Where people are just making ends meet anyway, there is no money left for medicines. For a hospital stay or chemotherapy, sometimes whole families are faced with ruin. Again and again desperate people turn to us and ask for help. Your donation for this project will benefit them.

Read here how we could help sick people.

Cancer patient mother
Rima Arakelian is the mother of four children. Last year, she fell ill with cervical cancer. She began to hope for a miracle. “God is great and strong, he can also cure me of this disease.” She got chemotherapy, which we could help to finance through the “emergency medical fund”.
For months she was in a very bad condition. Her children desperately watched her in bed day and night. Since she had no money for painkillers she suffered a lot. Many friends and supporters, also in Germany, have prayed to God for her live.

No cancer cells could be detected in the last tests. We thank God and all donors who have accompanied and helped Rima during this time. This woman is a great blessing for the other women in the container village in Vanadzor / Armenia.

Child with water head
The small Rahela Gradinar lives in a Romadorf near Zeiden / Romania. She was born with a horseshoehead and suffered constantly from severe headaches. Thanks to a donation she could be operated on. Since then, she has been painless. The paralyzed girl has no control over her bladder and therefore needs nappies. Her mother takes care of her as best she can. Unfortunately, she often does not have money for nappies. To keep them from starving Brot des Lebens provides them regularly with basic food. If she has to go to the doctor, we assist her with the doctor’s fees.