Wood and warm blankets

The people who live in the rusty containers in Vanadzor / Armenia or Romas in Serbia who live in barracks are especially afraid of the wintertime. They can only heat with a small tin stove. Often they can only heat him up once a day for cooking. Wood is unaffordable for most of them , so they collect wood waste and cardboard. But that is not enough to keep the uninsulated shacks sufficiently warm.

The donation of good woolen blankets, including covers is 15 Euros. In addition, five cubic meters of wood distributed to a family, is 30 Euros.

Read more about the blanket action here

Especially in the wintertime the poor families suffer in the container shacks in the north-armenian Vanadzor. Thin metal walls, often only with cardboard or a carpet on the wall “insulated”, “protect” its inhabitants from the drafts. IN spite of this the icy winter cold, which goes down to minus 23 degrees Celsius at night, penetrates the poor habitations. Also in such a hut live Aram and Wardider Howhanisyan with their children. We helped them with blankets and firewood. Karina Katchatrian is shocked by the dire need in the container settlement. She visited Family Howhanisyan and the other families, bringing blankets and sheets: “Most of them wear their winter jackets all day, even in the house. The oven fire is often only in the evening for cooking. This heat must be sufficient for the whole night. Many old people who live here spend most of the day dressed in bed. These are very difficult living conditions that rob most of all energy.” The increasing number of deaths confirms this impression. Many die from myocardial infarction and cancer, others suffer from persistent hypertension. Triggered by oppressive, existential worries.

The reports from Armenia are indeed depressing. Anyone who possibly can tries to find work abroad. Unfortunately, the Armenian workers are often exploited there. Is it surprising that Karina of Brot des Lebensis visited dayly by people who are seeking help, asking for blankets, wood and food?